GroupLink’s Orion™ is an enterprise level contact management solution—the end of a journey that begins with a first step in ContactWise VIP.™ But you don’t have to be functioning at an enterprise level before implementing your first piece of an eCRM solution. Begin to tie your front office systems together with a very powerful, FREE snap-in CRM system that begins your eCRM journey almost immediately. Start with ContactWise VIP2, later upgrading to ContactWise VIP, and then to ContactWise Elite. Along the way, users progress from building block to building block as they move from one level of CRM to another. The pinnacle of the solution, linking CRM and eBusiness processes together, is Orion. Your front and back office systems can mesh together in a holistic workflow we call the eCRM solution.

No matter what application your data is created and stored in, Orion accesses it, then utilizes the Internet to connect you and that data with the people who need to know. All information flows into an enterprise-level contact management system, so you can see how your business processes affect your customers. Grouplink’s eCRM, XML, Wireless, Web-based and eBusiness process products are created for Novell® NDS® and GroupWise® environments.


  • Access secure customer information anywhere with a browser
  • View reports on priority issues (e.g., customer requests/employee
    performance/statistical information, etc.)
  • Allow customers to securely interact with and update their own information in your database
  • Report on any combination of contact and eBusiness data
  • Automated business processes
  • Groups/filters for organizing contacts
  • Simple mass e-mailing tools
  • The ONLY integrated eCRM solution for Novell NDS, eDirectory™ and GroupWise®

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